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Part 2: Tube and Fitting

Training Objectives


1.    The 2-week Part 2 course will cover the following elements:


  Day Instruction/Training SG4

Health and Safety Awareness comparable to SSSTS, including Legislation, regulations, best practice, tool box talks

  Basic Independent Tied Scaffold

  Truss-out Scaffold

  Scaffolds with prefabricated beams

  Protective fans

  Pavement gantry

  Loading Bay

  Roof saddle scaffold

  Splay Scaffold

  Roof Edge Protection

  TG4 Tie Testing

 Tool box talks

  Alterations (e.g. removing standards from a structure)

  50 Question Test Paper (include intermediate test at the end of the 1st week)


2. The trainee operative will be able to interpret scaffold drawings.


3. The trainee operative will be able, as a member of a team, to erect, alter and

dismantle the above scaffolds safely and in their correct sequence.


4. The Scaffolder grade is the established trade competency for the scaffolding

industry and enables scaffolders to lead or partake in the majority of scaffolding operations, as covered by this training and assessment.


Scaffolder 1 day Skills test and Assessment


From January 2011 successful completion of the 1 day skills test and VQ assessment is a mandatory element of the scheme. This is regardless of whether the trainee has previously achieved his VQ via another route e.g. OSAT. A card will not be issued to those who fail to successfully complete the 1 day skills test and VQ assessment.

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